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Emergency Preparedness 📈

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Welcome to Emergency Preparedness! I’ve been at 10:10 Academy for 2 years and I’ve enjoyed being involved in such a fabulous program. Teaching is a passion of mine and it's a privilege to be able to facilitate learning with your students. I’ve always loved the outdoors and it’s been a blast creating a class that merges some emergency skills with my experience as a firefighter. The purpose of this class is to learn interesting facts about emergency situations and first aid while also learning about the importance of mindset. Students can expect to practice working together to solve problems, learning some basic survival skills, as well as enjoy hands-on experiences together. Homework is light and usually a blast- not really HOMEWORK at all more like FUNWORK! The homework is intended to support the material being taught in class and is not required but highly recommended. For the homework assignments access to youtube will be required and occasional outdoor excursions. All assignments will be covered on Google Classroom. It will reflect the most current and updated schedule and assignments. Small adjustments may be made to this syllabus as the semester unfolds. The best way to contact me is through Google Classroom or text either on the class page or through its private messaging. If you are unable to contact me otherwise this is my cell 323-471-7279. Google Classroom Code – 5sxwlbu Display

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