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How to change your life?

Habits are a valuable part of a healthy lifestyle because good daily behaviors get locked in as they become automatic. When you make small changes to your lifestyle and hold them for over a month they become healthy habits. My challenge for you is to integrate one healthy habit into your lifestyle today.

Choose Healthy Habits for your lifestyle today

1) Drink plenty of water

2) Get plenty of sleep

3) Plan your meals

4) Exercise today

Water is essential to your body. Keeping your body hydrated is essential to proper functioning. Water keeps your nutrients, hormones and antibodies moving throughout your body. It also removes wastes and toxins from your body. How much water should you drink? Divide your weight by two to determine how many ounces you should have per day. It's a good habit to drink eight ounces within twenty minutes of rising and eight ounces before going to bed.

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