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SoCal Survivor Syllabus

SoCal Survivor Syllabus

Spring 2023

Mr. Carlson

Welcome to SoCal Survival! I've been at 10:10 Academy for two years and enjoyed being involved in such a fabulous program. Teaching is a passion of mine, and it's a privilege to be able to facilitate learning with your students. I've always loved the outdoors, and it's been a blast creating a class that merges some outdoor skills with California history. This class aims to learn interesting facts about California's geography and settlement while also learning about nature and our place in it. Students can expect to practice working together to solve problems, learn basic survival skills, and enjoy hands-on experiences together. Homework is light and usually a blast- not HOMEWORK at all, more like FUN WORK! The task is intended to support the material taught in class and is not required but highly recommended. For the homework assignments, access to youtube will be needed, as occasional outdoor excursions. All works will be covered on Edmodo. It will reflect the most current and updated schedule and appointments. Minor adjustments may be made to this syllabus as the semester unfolds. Future students and parents the best way to contact me is through Google Classroom, text on the class page, or private messaging. If you cannot reach me otherwise, this is my cell 323-471-7279. Google Classroom Code –


Syllabus Spring 2023 SoCal Survival

  1. LEARNING COMMUNITY: 10:10 Academy Riverside (JLBC S-1) "SoCal Survival" will meet in the 10:10 Academy classroom.

  2. INSTRUCTOR: SGT Kirk Carlson. I can be reached by phone during scheduled school days between 7:00 am and 3:30 pm. My telephone number is (323) 471-7279. If I'm unavailable, please leave a message via (text), and I will return your call as soon as possible. You can also email me at

3. COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will provide training in skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to perform fundamental tasks needed for survival successfully. Survival also presents "good to know" valuable information in any survival situation.

4. Physical Fitness and drill activities are part of your scheduled class time and optional grade.

5. Note: No Uniform requirement. However, we will be doing nature walks and Survival drills. Camouflage clothes are welcome but not required.

6. *Typical schedule*

7. Survival Drill

8. Academics

9. Practical Application

10. Physical fitness/sports (wear unit PT uniform and bring a water bottle)

COURSE MATERIAL: JLBC will provide the required Survival website for this class. Students In addition, you will need a notebook, paper, and an open mind.

Class 1 – Elements of Surviving; Class 2 – Personal Protection; Class 3 – Necessities to California Life; Class 4 –Orientation and practical applications


a. Understanding and Know the elements of surviving.

b. Understanding and Know how medicine procedures, clothing, and shelter can provide personal protection for a survivor in a survival situation.

c. Understanding and Know the necessities for maintaining life in a survival situation.

d. Understanding and Know how to travel and prepare for recovery in a survival situation.


You must be in the classroom on time and remember that every class builds on each other so please take notes. We will be doing team activities, and you will have assigned duties. If you are going to be absent, please text me at 323 471 7279

Assignments: All students You are responsible for studying and knowing the material reviewed in this class. The importance of studying cannot be overemphasized. There is a direct correlation between really studying and test scores.

Syllabus 2023 SoCal Survival

Week 1 Intro/Survival Quiz/Team Building Games Homework Family Evacuation Plan Family Survival

Quiz Week 2 Maps kills - Long & Lat Homework Build your Compass Create a treasure hunt.

Week 3 CA Regions, Climate, and Nature Homework Make your own raised relief region map.

Week 4 CA Regions & Indigenous

People Shelters Homework Watch Videos/Build couch forts at home

Week 5 Build Debris Shelters on campus. Homework Indigenous Tribes in each region

Week 6 Regional Indigenous Tribes - Group Activity Acorn chocolate chip cookies Indian Tech Quiz Homework State Animals Week

7 Flora and Fauna-native plants- safe/unsafe Homework State Flower and Tree Edible Plants in the area

Week 8 Scat & Footprints Homework Family Hike-bingo

Week 9 Survival Food Eat bugs in class! Homework Knots videos

Week 10 Guest Presenter - Mr. Card Ropes and Knots Homework Knot Practice

Week 11 Morse Code/Secret Codes Decode in class- follow the blaze around campus. Homework Codes & Decoding

Week 12 Guest Presenter - Former EMT - Melanie Murray First Aid Homework Videos on water filters

Week 13 Fresh Water - Build Water Filters in class Homework Videos on fire safety, forest fires, starting fires Week 14 FIRE! - using matches, flints

Week 15 Class Review Homework TAKE HOME SURVIVAL FINAL

Week 16 Class Party - Last Day! Share FINAL Answers

Blurb for the class description Hello & Welcome to SoCal Survival!

(Parents and Students) I'm Kirk Carlson, and I'll be your guide this semester. I love adventures, and I know we will have a fabulous time together in class! I'm looking forward to meeting you soon! Please log in to My Google Classroom and use this code "XXXXX" to join our class. Google Classroom is excellent. It will be where all our videos, homework, and communication outside of class will happen. PLEASE LIKE the post for a special treat in class!!! Our syllabus is the first thing you will find. Please look at it. It's an excellent guide for the direction we will be headed this semester. But it is flexible. So please always check Google Classroom for the most current information! If you sign in to our class, you can also see an excellent video for making your teepee with limited supplies. :) Thanks, SGT Kirk Carlson

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