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Below are extracts of boot camp reviews and boot camp testimonials that we have received from ladies that have attended our boot camp. Please browse all of our bootcamp reviews to see how we can also help you in your quest to become healthier and fitter.


In an attempt to lose weight and improve my fitness I booked a place at boot camp a few months prior to going. I used the booking itself to motivate me toward my goal as I knew that the thought of getting there and being the weight I was would be torture.I did lose some pounds before I went but it was torture anyway! In a weird, enjoyable way though- where pushing yourself to your limits becomes extremely satisfying. I had lots of support from the other girls and the trainers were amazing. They were able to drive me to do my best without pushing me so hard that I wanted to just give up.It was an inspiring week. I thought that it would be physically draining. And it was. But the biggest test was the mental one; knowing that when you finish one exercise session there will be another straight after. The greatest accomplishment? Just to keep going. I was the biggest girl at my camp but I managed to lose 17 pounds. That was fantastic but the most valuable thing I took away from the week was the realisation that I could keep going. That when I think I’m too tired to go the gym or to take a walk I say to myself ‘ You did it at boot camp, so you can do it now’ and that positive attitude is the thing that has ultimately made the difference to how I look and feel .


‘The best week of my life, the hardest and without a doubt the most rewarding week!!!’
I had been training at the gym and was still not getting anywhere with my weight loss and some days didn’t even want to be there and put the effort in. I found myself going round and round in circles and just disappointing myself and getting into a situation where I just felt like giving up the fitness!
One day I thought I need a kick up the backside ‘I’m going to Boot Camp’!
Then I stumbled across Boot Camp, the prices were way cheaper than any other companies and the accommodation looked lovely in the photos, I thought this is the one for me!
As I arrived at the accommodation on my own, it looked absolutely stunning. 


I had a really great time during my stay at Boot Camp. As a 60 year old osteoarthritis sufferer I wasn’t sure whether I would be physically up to the challenge of a week of hard training and exercise.
It was a little intimidating at first. There we were a group of eighteen women staying in the coach house in the grounds of a mansion in the middle of nowhere. All with individual goals and each of us looking to get something different from our weeks stay, I wasn’t sure at first how I would settle in with such a wide range and disparate group of people. I needn’t have worried though. There was no doubt that each of us was individually there to do some real hard physical training but as far as individuality was concerned that is as far as it went. From the moment I arrived we were treated as a team, each of us working together for the benefit of each other.


I have been attending weekly residential boot camps for the past two and half years and in that time have completed six weeks of camp at four different residential camps. There are huge benefits that come from the week – fitness, toning, energy and motivation (as well as nutrition) and lots of laughs! However, with my week at boot camp. I did in fact also lose almost 6lbs which is amazing as I would never have expected that, especially in comparison to my usual 2-3lbs losses at previous camps. We couldn’t have asked for better with our two trainers for the week (or “Staff”), Staff Clarke and Staff West and they kept us motivated and interested with a very varied program of exercises and different circuits so that we didn’t get bored and had lots of fun with some team games too! The results for everyone at the end of the week really reflected this and everyone was very happy and grateful that they always kept us going to achieve our best!
We had a great bunch of girls and the accommodation was really fantastic, again we couldn’t have asked for better, more luxurious or comfortable. Chef was lovely and made sure we were all very well looked after – we never felt hungry and the food was great, I have tried out some of the recipes at home already! The nutritional session was also excellent, and definitely the best one I have had. Talks with both the trainers and nutritionist help you to keep going after the week finishes and put into practice what you have learnt long term.

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